Live Big Girl At The Tank Theater

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The Barrow Group TBG Theater
New York
New York

Hi Everyone, I am part of a 3 woman play and would like to invite you to come check it out! "It began as an idea, 3 poets writing together to share their experiences of living in a body that is not celebrated in their culture. It is the taking back of their bodies from the mouths of critics. This idea resulted in the creation of ""Live Big Girl", a play reviewed as "Touching unrealistic expectations of society as it relates to everything from fashion , religion , relationships, culture , food and sexuality, telling the stories of our childhood and the process of understanding one's true self identity".

"Daso" Live Big Girl Summer Event

LadyFest 2018

At The Tank Theater

August 26th @7:00pm

312 West 36th Street NYC

Please purchase your tickets @ Follow us on

Facebook @LiveBigGirl


Twitter @LiveBigGirl




The Barrow Group TBG Theater
New York

Art Culture
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