Qi Gong: Animal Dances. Tiger chases Deer

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JCC Manhattan
New York
New York

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• What we'll do

Tai Chi enthusiasts, who know that "regulating of the body" in Qi Gong terminology ("physical conditioning") is a prerequisite to successful Tai Chi Quan practice,

join us for Animal Dances( aka Animal Sports or Animal Frolics), the oldest Qi Gong, wise and fun. Body’s energy (Qi, Chi), our bio-electricity could be regulated in several ways. Practicing “being in your body” through Tai Chi Quan form or 8 Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong are 2 already well known in the West options.

The other approach of connecting body and mind is - Animal Dances, the oldest and very entertaining and wise Qi Gong. For us adults to embody and shift between the shapes/characters of different animals means to tap into our inner child's initial flexibility of body and mind we were born with.

In Qi Gong terms, by playing like kids, we stimulate our “Original Essence”, so obvious in children, as the ultimate health and vitality... This recharges our overall energy and makes us healthier and more Qi-erful.

Plus we'd be massaging, wringing and tonifying the vital organs - liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs, while making graceful, powerful and fun moves of tiger, bear, deer, bird and monkey.

You could experience this healthy fun with me Sunday, 1/28, 1:45 pm Where: JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at W76th St

When: Sundays, 1:45-2:45pm.

Details: 4 sessions- Jan 28th, Feb 25th, March 25th and April 29th.

Fees: Single session $25, 2 sessions $45, 4 sessions $80.

Registration: Call JCC at 646. [masked]. Upon arrival, check in at the registration office at JCC lobby on your left to find out which studio the session is.

Link to series on JCC site: http://www.jccmanhattan.org/programs/?grp=qi%20gong&src=sitesearch • What to bring

Wear comfortable to move and sweat in clothes. Soft sole shoes are ideal, though socks and bare feet are fine. Water fountains are located on every floor at JCC Manhattan. Bathrooms are on 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th Floors. • Important to know

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Uptown-Tai-Chi-Qi-Gong-Conditioning-Meetup/

JCC Manhattan
New York

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