White Water Tubing – August 25

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Tinker Town Tubing
New YorkPhoenicia

Be ready for some real fun! The Course begins upstream from the Town Tinker headquarters, in Phoenicia NY and contains the best and most extreme whitewater the Esopus has to offer. Depending on the water height an average tubing trip takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Transportation to the entry points is provided by the Town Tinker Taxi. The Esopus Creek is "NOT" a lazy river! It's class II whitewater which means 1 to 3 foot waves and rapids. It is not a man-made amusement park ride. There are real rocks and trees that can get in your way. Tubers must be physically capable of maneuvering around obstacles and have the ability to recover when tossed out of the tube. Go to Town Tinker Tubing website for exciting testimonials! Rent a helmet and wear eyeglass restrainers. Register 2 weeks before trip for car pooling. Leave Manhattan before 9am. This event is a car trip. If you are driving, have space and are willing to take passengers, please let the leader know. If you don't have transportation, the leader will do his/her best to arrange rides for carpooling. TUBING COST: Individual Pricing:

$20/day Inner Tubes with Seats

$ 5/day Life Jackets

$ 5/day Helmets

$ 5/day Creek Sneakers

$15/day Wetsuits

$ 5/day Tube Taxi Transportation (one-time / one-run)

$ 1/day Key Check

$56/day Total Standard Gear Tubing Package:

Seated Tube, Life Jacket, Tube Taxi (one-time) … $30 (no discounts)

Note: Excludes Helmet, Creek Sneakers, Key Check … additional $11 Full Gear Discount Tubing Package:

Seated Tube, Life Jacket, Wetsuit, Tube Taxi (one-time) … $40 (reflects $5 discount)

Note: Excludes Helmet, Creek Sneakers, Key Check … additional $11 $50 minimum for credit card payments Meet at Town Tinker Tubing at 11:45am-12:00pm 10 Bridge St., Phoenicia NY 12464 - parking lot right after going over the bridge. Option to meet at 10:15 at Sweet Sue's for the world's best Pancakes (dozens of options) - It's around the corner from Town Tinker, but park near restaurant. Riders who are not members of Miramar Ski Club must print and sign a liability waiver and give to the leader before participating. Trip Leader: Ruth Yashpan Register here: https://miramar.org/calendar/#!event/2018/8/25/white-water-tubing-in-esopus-phoenicia-ny

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/MiramarSkiClub/events/252904968/

Tinker Town Tubing
New YorkPhoenicia

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