🏞️Hiking at Mt.TAKAO 1th Trail🏞️ 高尾山 1号路ハイキング🌳🎵

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Takaosanguchi Station

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🏞️Hiking at Mt.TAKAO 1th Trails🌳🎵

🏞️ 高尾山 1号路ハイキング🌳🎵 ~日本語の案内は英語の後にあります~

Hello there!

Summer is coming and it's getting warmer !!

It's a good season for outside activities!


Why don't we go to mountain for a hike?Do you want to enjoy weekend in mountain? Do you want to make new friends in Tokyo? Would you like to learn & speak Japanese and English? We're gonna go hiking to Mt. Takao, ✴ which is a popular place for hiking around Tokyo locals.

✴️Mt. Takao attracts the largest number of climbers in the world!!

✴️This is the perfect place to get your energy back and relax!

✴️You can also eat excellent japanese sweets!!(rice dumpling🍡,taiyaki cake has sweet bean paste ,ice cream🍦!!) Would you go to Mt.TAKAO and make new friends?? This time, we will hike the 1th trail of Mt. Takao. 【About 1th Trail】

Almost all hikers take 1st trail of Mt. Takao, which is the main course.

The 1st trail is like a more touristic course. It’s all paved and there are some shops and temples. You can feel more nature in this course.

It's not very difficult course. It is suitable for beginners! 【Detail】 Meeting Time & Place:

・🚃🚃9:50am at the ticket gate of Takaosanguchi Station

https://goo.gl/maps/Ee9LDpHYqM42 or

・🚃🚃8:25-35 am at JR West Exit of Shinjuku Station.新宿駅

https://goo.gl/maps/N9uW6VVeY3r We wait for you at Newsstand AZUR, in front of JR West Exit (Entrance) of Shinjuku station. There is the picture of meeting point below in the details! We'll take the Keio line at 8:47 from the platform No.3.

【Event time】

10:15-14:30 10:15-we start climbing

https://goo.gl/maps/dvEWjLCmJbD2 12:05-we should reach the top of mountain!🙌

https://goo.gl/maps/hxvgJ7mSR9Q2 12:20-we can have lunch in TAKAO restaurant.(You can also eat japanese soba!like a noodle!)🙆


https://goo.gl/maps/6J5giZ7SxwT2 14:30-we'll come back to the foot of the mountain and closing time. 【What to bring】:

・Your own towel, a portable umbrella etc...

・(Recommended if you have) rain coat, sun protection, insect repellent spray, another pair of socks. Participation Fee:

・1000 yen(It doesn't include lunch fee) Note:

・we'll take a Cable car so please remember it will cost 930yen there and back.

・Safety comes first. Take your own responsibility.

・You should wear hiking or walking shoes because some parts of the trail are very narrow and slippery.

・If it rains on that day, we'll tell you this event is canceled before 7:00am on that day. こんにちは!



このイベントでは高尾山の1号路を登ろうと思います! ・✴️高尾山は世界で1番の登山者数を誇っています!




・✴️ハイキングをしながら友達を作りませんか?ここに集まればいろんな国の人と知り合えます!海外のリアルな文化を知ったり、新しい友達を作れます! 海外在住経験ある方!帰国後英語を話す機会が少なくなっていませんか?英語やその他言語を勉強中の方、海外旅行を計画中の方、とにかく楽しい時間を過ごしたい方ももちろん大歓迎です!自然いっぱいの中でいろんな国の人たちと楽しくハイキングしながら話せます☆

この機会に、ぜひ一緒に登りませんか? 集合場所・時間

・🚃🚃高尾山口駅(京王線)改札口前 午前9:50高尾山口駅

https://goo.gl/maps/Ee9LDpHYqM42 あるいは




Newsstand AZUR 前


オーガナイザーがmeetupカードを持って待っています! 新宿駅AZURの写真は下にあります! 【イベントタイム】

10:00-14:30 10:15 登山スタート

https://goo.gl/maps/dvEWjLCmJbD2 12:00 山頂到着!🙌

https://goo.gl/maps/hxvgJ7mSR9Q2 12:20 お昼ご飯




14:30 下山、解散 持ち物

・タオル、折りたたみ傘、歩きやすい靴、(虫除けスプレー、特に代えの服などはあるといいかもです!) 参加費

・1000円(ランチ代は含まれておりませんのでご注意下さい) 注意事項





・雨天の場合 、中止の連絡は7:00までにさせて頂きます。

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Tokyo-Kickboxing-and-Exercise-Lovers/

Takaosanguchi Station

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