Tokyo Pickup)★The Beach Party ! (FREE/Lady) Crazy GAME Meetup 江の島 Enoshima

sam. 25 août à 03:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Shimokitazawa station

Pickup at South West(NANSEI GUCHI/南西口) exit of ODAKYU & KEIO LINE Between 10:00-10:15AM 東京出発組は下北沢駅でピックアップします。 🎥Event Movieイベントの様子

Hey Guys ! Its Beach time! I wanna you drunk on the beach !! ☆☆【FREE FOR LADY!!】【FREE BEER FOR ALL BEACH GAMES】☆☆

女性は参加費無料!  ビールは無料です(ビーチゲームで飲む様に)!

FREE WELCOME SHOT AND SUPER FUN GAME!!!!  The hottest Beach party with international friends ! Do you want to make new friends and drink a lot on the beach ?? We have a lot of games and good music with Beer!! Of course Free Shaot for you guys!!

特別なWelcomeTokyoのビーチパーティMeetup が今年もやってきました。日本ではあまり体験することのない最高なビーチゲームや国際色豊かな新しいお友達と皆で盛り上がりましょう! We gonna dance and drink beer and activity and chatting and getting drunk with the music ppl together !! Actually , We can have a relax on the beach feel sunset moment . ※Important / Please RSVP as soon as possible予約してください。

Show us the reservation page at the reception予約ページを受付で見せてください。(No Reservation: Plus 500Yen or Can not join)☆☆ 〇About GAME ゲームについて

・BEERPON ビアポン ・SLIP'N SLIDE DRINKING BEER GAME TEAM FIGHT! スリップオンスライダーゲームチーム戦! 〇Here Meeting point 待ち合わせ場所 〇Exact location パーティのロケーション ※You can Bring any guiter or drum or something ! 〇Scheduleスケジュール :


Pick up at the ticket gate of Train of ENOSHIMA ELECTRIC RAILWAY(Kugenuma kaigan station)

※You can buy drinks andfood at supermarket front of station after you arrive at Station.

・13:20 PM

Leaving Kugenuma Kaigan station with attendee


Arrive at Beach Party area and set up Tent, Sheets, Games, changing clothes,

・around 14:20PM

Start a Reception sign up and payment


Lets drink Free shot and do Cheers!

Have a free time for 30 minute at beach. you can play and swim with everyone together!

※Please come back to Tent before 15:10PM


Starting Crazy Games all together!

・17:00 -18:00

Free time and Group photo and close 〇Details 詳細


・PARTY TIME : 13:55 - 18:00

Please check the direction map if you be late . But We recomended to come to meet us at station.

・FEE :

Ladies : FREE Entrance!

Others: 1,500yen (including Free Welcome shot and sncks and Any beach games and Tubes and Nice MUSIC and Tent and Beer for Bach Games and Sheets for game and your bag(small) )

Exact Food is NOT including, so please bring own Foods and Drinks if you want to eat and drink . 〇How to get to the Closest station !!  アクセスについて

Tokyo st (JR Tokaido honsen line )→ Fujisawa st (Odakyu enoshima line)→Kugenuma Kaigan st

Shinjuku st (JR shonan shinjuku line )→ Fujisawa st (Odakyu enoshima line)→Kugenuma Kaigan st

1 hour

Tokyo st (Odakyu odawara line )→ Fujisawa st (Odakyu enoshima line)→Kugenuma Kaigan st

1 hour Yokohama st (JR Tokaido honsen line )→ Fujisawa st (Odakyu enoshima line)→Kugenuma Kaigan st

30 minute Enjoy man ! About Surfing Rental

Please ask me we can lent a surfing board at there. There are so many rental shop.4000yen /day for surfing if u want! XX KEN


Regular member team


Shimokitazawa station

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