MuleSoft Meetup Tokyo #1

mer. 11 juillet à 11:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

JP Tower 11F

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON MEETUP.COM - CONFIRM YOUR RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE HERE: As you know, MuleSoft doesn't have any office in Japan yet and almost&nbsp;Developers&nbsp;in Japan&nbsp;don't know about how awesome MuleSoft is.</p>So here we are with the very first MuleSoft meetup in Japan. We will learn about Mule core runtime and Anypoint Platform together.</p>We will be getting Developers/Architects to come and speak with us and share their knowledge and experience.</p>Don't forget to RSVP. Let's get together and share and learn Anypoint Platform.</p><br></p>記念すべき第一回目のMeetupです。ご存知の通り、MuleSoftはまだ日本にオフィスがなく、日本の開発者のほとんどはMuleSoftがどれだけ凄いのか?ということを知りません。</p>そこで初回は、MuleコアランタイムとAnyPoint Platformの基本について一緒に学んで行きましょう。<br></p>詳細は随時アップデートしていきます。</p>参加される方は上部にある [RSVP] ボタンで参加登録を行なって下さい。</p> Agenda

6:30 pm: Door Open

7:00 pm: Start

9:00 pm: Close --- Speakers

Ryohei Sogo - NC Design & Consulting Co., Ltd. (VP, Product Manager) Harish Kumar - -- (Director IT Architect)

Harish has been active member of MuleSoft community, He has been writing and blogging and making tutorial videos about MuleSoft for few years now. Having long experience working in IT and Enterprise Integration world. Mitsuhiro Okamoto - Salesforce (Senior Developer Evangelist)

I'm Salesforce expert, but I also love API-led connectivity with any services not only salesforce products. Hosted By

Harish Kumar, Director IT Architecture

My name is Harish and I have been using MuleSoft for over 4 years now started as a developer and now working as Architect. I have also been creating tutorials about MuleSoft on my YouTube channel and also writing blogs on DZone - I have also been awarded champion of the MuleSoft champion program. I would like to build MuleSoft community in Tokyo Japan. Mitsuhiro Okamoto, Senior Developer Evangelist

Hi all, I'm working at over 10 years, Delivering tech contents and engaging with local developers through our Salesforce community. Before joined Salesforce, I was Enterprise Java architect that designing B2B services such as e-commerce, accounting, communication platform using JavaEE. At that time, API led connectivity was just a dream. But now, we can realize that with Anypoint Platform. I'm really happy to join MuleSoft community and I want to connect with new friends who also believes MuleSoft's API-led vision. --- REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON MEETUP.COM - CONFIRM YOUR RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE HERE:


JP Tower 11F

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