Attack of the Feeble Four. Stand up and Shout! (Free show!)

sam. 23 juin à 12:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

〒260-0016 千葉県千葉市中央区 栄町41−10 セントラルスクエアービル B1F

The Time bomb ticks yet again! JUNE 23rd 2018 at DOWN UNDER BAR CHIBA, will be having another episode of the ATTACK OF THE FEEBLE 4! Featuring 4 of tokyo’s Best comics!

No Host, just straight edge comedy for 1 hour! Funny or not, here they come!

Featuring: *Stand up Tokyo’s funny man Alex camp

*Magner’s Japan International Comedy Champion Evans Musoka Luseno

*Voice actor, improviser, and awesomely talented Jon Sabay

And Black Knight Unicorn Assasin Itsuki Naka! Free ENTRANCE! Please just purchase at least 1 drink! Down under bar also has a wide selection of food including Australian Kangaroo Burgers! >no under 20s< See you Alll there!!!


〒260-0016 千葉県千葉市中央区 栄町41−10 セントラルスクエアービル B1F

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