Tech,Nature and Tradition Tokyo tour

dim. 1 juillet à 03:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bank Toranomon

This tour covers Tech, Nature and Traditional aspects of Tokyo.

You might know some parts of Tokyo but there might be more places or experiences you are missing. The tour starts with seeing the latest tech 8K screen ,the latest technology. We will see it with a huge panel for free of charge.

We will visit a couple of Shrines to make your wish for promotions, prosperity and happiness. Lunch: We will have a picnic style lunch at Hamarikyu Japanese Garden

and enjoy the Scene of Tradition and Modern Tokyo.

Please bring your lunch or bento. Water bus; We will move up to Asakusa by water bus.

You will be given some questions to answer and the

winners who get high scores will get prizes worth 1000yen. Asakusa: We will pass Sensoji Temple as you must have already visited.

Instead, we will visit the tourist center where you can see

the whole town . Kappabashi: We will visit the traditional Japanese stores where you

can find the supreme quality of daily things. Nihhonbashi: We will take you to the one of the old Department Store

to experience something very Japanese and Traditional


Opition: Twilight boat cruse in Tokyo Bay. Guiding fee: Free . There will be some guides to tell you about the

scenes or places.

other fee: Boat fee, and entrance fees are due. It is about 1000yen. You can leave anytime since it is a long tour.


Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bank Toranomon

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