Hidden Sandwich Shop & Casual Language Exchange! HARAJUKU!

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Harry's Sandwich Company @ Cafe Roots

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Harrys sandwich co @ cafe roots.

Newly opened in Harajuku! 1000yen entrance fee will include a drink or any of harry's sandwiches.. -Sandwich time 18:30-closing (eat anytime - late arrival ok)

-Casual table language exchange with chosen topics.

-Free talk Harrys sandwich company is located near harajuku station, in the nestle of shops behind the famous "Harajuku Takeshita Street"!

Its an interesting location for a relatively small language exchange event.

Come along and try the delicious sandwiches made by harry himself! Facebook page :

https://www.facebook.com/harryssandwichco Those who want to stay for drinks and more food after the event are more than welcome!

The place opens until 23:00pm for those who want to stay. 東京都渋谷区 神宮前1-16-7MSビル3F Those who want to meet at meijingumae Harajuku station please be there at 18:20pm. You will find me at the top of the stairs at exit 3 of the underground station.

Meijijingumae harajuku..

This is the underground station not the JR. Its about 2 mins walk from the JR station! 原宿駅でお会いしたい方は、6:20pmにお越しください。あなたは、地下鉄駅の出口3の階段の上にある会合サインで私を見つけることができます。


これはJRではなく地下鉄の駅です。 JR駅から徒歩約2分! Please feel free to send a message to Jay if you need any help getting to the venue!

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Learn-Here-Tokyo-English-Japanese-language-exchange-group/

Harry's Sandwich Company @ Cafe Roots

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