Crafting of the Witch: Enchanted Candle Spell Crafting

dim. 10 juin à 21:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Tompkins Square Park
New York
New York

• What we'll do

Crafting the Witch: Enchanted Candle Spell Casting Workshop • The colors

• Timing

• Tools needed

• Herbs

• Oils

• Your blessing

• Timing for a purpose of spells

• History

• Carving, Dressing and Blessing your Spell Candle This is an intensive class on how to do Spell Candles with purpose. You will learn the history of candles for magickal uses, color meanings, planetary meanings and what role it plays in magickal spells, the meanings of the outcome of a spell candle and how it can empower you. The many types of candles and their purposes. How can we apply this knowledge in our personal lives to make it better.

Sometimes one needs to create a spell that needs to be done more than once or you may wish to make and prepare a candle to honor deity or an ancestor. This class will teach you just that. There will be herbs, oils, glitter, gloves, candles for you all to leave with a 7 day candle spelled for your purpose. So get ready to choose what spell you wish to do in this class.

Bring a pen, notebook and ritual carving tool or other sharp-pointed object to carve with. PLEASE CHOOSE THE COLOR CANDLE YOU WISH TO WORK YOUR SPELL WITH.

Red – Love Yellow – Happiness & Joy Brown – Grounding, Stability

Green – Money Blue – Peace, Harmony, House Blessing Grey – Neutralizing

Pink – Romantic Love White – Uncrossing, Healing

Black – Protection, Divine Protection, Warding $50.00 single class + $5.00 surcharge: Supplies are included for you to carve your own candle. Booklet included. If you paid online PLEASE BRING A PRINT OUT OF YOUR RECEIPT. #Witch #WitchsFESTUSA #Witches #Paganism #Pagan #Workshops #Voodoo #Hoodoo #NYCWitchPrideParade #WiccaClass #Wicca #WiccaClasses #CityMagick ) • What to bring

Something for carving into the wax • Important to know

Don't wear good clothes, there will be glitter


Tompkins Square Park
New York

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