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SFR Soul Haven
New York
New York

Come Join Us As We Celebrate with Sound & Healing

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Location: SFR Soul Haven

56 West 45th St, Suite 1703

Betw 5th Ave & 6th Ave

Near Rockefeller Center We Invite you to an Hour of Gong Sound Harmonics Circle

Welcome one and all we invite you to come and relax in a Sacred Space of Vibration & Sound with Sacred Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls, bells and other instruments. Enter and let your Spirit Breath, Relax, Receive, and let it flow into a deep state of meditative state of relaxation and serenity, which allows healing to come into the body, mind and spirit. Aligning to the Earth and balancing your chakra energy from your Earth Star to your Soul Star. As you receive a Gong activation, your body will allow the waves of vibration and energy to filter and open up. The vibration helps clear blockage or stuck energy within the body, as it allows the sound flow through the body. The bath opens, rejuvenates, and activates all three energy bodies (Mind, Body & Spirit which break through the 5 vitals the physical, emotional, mental, moral and Spiritual). Benefits of a Gong & Sound Vibration Healing Session: •Deep Relaxation

•Release of Stress/Tension

•Relieves body-ache/pains or discomfort

•Enter a state of Meditation

•Relief of Mental Distress Re-balance your Universal Life Force Energy in a safe and comfortable relaxing environment. As you enjoy the evening we recommend you bring water, comfortable clothing, and your favorite pillow if you need one. We ask that you Relax, Receive & Rejoice and take in the sound vibrations that will stimulate your body/bodies. Any questions feel free to email [masked]

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Shamanic-Fire-Reiki-Manhattan-NYC/events/250738103/

SFR Soul Haven
New York

Spiritualité Ésotérisme
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