Yoyogi Creative Picnic 代々木公園クリエイティブピクニック

dim. 22 avril à 07:45

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Yoyogi park (Harajuku Gate)

A cool picnic for meeting others who value creative thought sharing and expression. All kinds of Artists, Musicians, Writers, thinkers, and people who like to get inspired. Let's hang out, have a drink, and talk about what we enjoy doing. I'll be bringing drinks and an awesome variety of cheese and meats. Feel free to bring whatever you like, such as food, drink, instruments, paints, or whatever else. Details: ○Place: Yoyogi Park

Please meet at the entrance gate to the park near Harajuku Station

between 2:45 and 3:00pm.

○¥500 includes glass of wine and snacks

○Please bring drinks and food for sharing

○ If you are late, just send me a message

○ You don't need to bring a tarp 創造的な思考の共有と表現を大切にする他の人と会うためのピクニック。

あらゆる種類のアーティスト、ミュージシャン、作家、思想家、そしてインスピレーションを得たい人。 私たちがやっていることを楽しんだり、お酒を飲みに行きましょう。 私は飲み物と素晴らしいチーズ等を持ってきます。 食べ物、飲み物、道具、絵の具など何でも好きなものを自由に持って来てください。 詳細: ○場所:代々木公園







Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/People-Who-Like-Art-and-Want-to-do-Art/events/249832735/

Yoyogi park (Harajuku Gate)

Art Culture
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