Monday International Meet up: Language Exchange, Expats, Erasmus, Travellers

Aujourd'hui, 23 avril à 20:30 — informations

lun. 30 avril à 20:30 — informations

lun. 7 mai à 20:30 — informations

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)


Chaque semaine le lundi

If you are International student, Erasmus, University Exchange student, Expat, international employ or just a traveller: This event is for you; to meet locals, practice/learn Spanish. And Every month we have different parties, Excursion, Networking and sports events,

In month of March we have: Saturday 03/03/18 Excurion to Chocolate Factory, Museum, Colourful Houses & Alicante Saturday 10/03 – Sunday 11/03 Excursion to Barcelona: Sunday 18/03/18: Paellas for fallas, (Cook & Eat together), an event from 7 years 200 people cooking & Eating paella together.

“EVENT VERY SOON” Saturday 24/3/18 Intercambio culinario, International food Exchange,

Cook & Bring and typical dish from your country,

“EVENT VERY SOON” Saturday 31/03/18 : Hiking trip to Chovar, And caves of san jose,

“EVENT VERY SOON” Each day meetings are best, just depends what you like more,

For example: we recommend Monday, if you like a nice calm language exchange, Normally on a busy day we change table after 1 hours so you can meet different people. (Normally[masked] people join this event)

On Tuesday you have people from every age people from 18 – 50. On different tables, practicing and speaking language depends on your taste and hobbies. [masked] participants)

On Wednesday, during summer, we combine Language Exchange with salsa dancing classes, in wintertime we just speak and practice.

Thursday, is very recommended to students, many many International students, Erasmus and exchange students come and speak with Spanish students. And it is very famous for a quiz (Trivial), what we play at the end, with some prize of shots. (140 -180 participants)

Friday, An Interactive way of Language Exchange and Meet New People.It is an exchange, where everybody put the flag of his/her native language and search for the Flag he/she would like to Practice or meet people from. ( 150 – 600 participants, Winter 150 – 180 and summer 400 – 600) Our meetings are Free of cost and open to everybody. See you in one of these very soon



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