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white space lab

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• 何をするイベント?

DOOR / FREE (1st Drink 1,000yen) "REAL GROOVE" which is held every Thursday, has a theme of good music and communication.

Residents DJs from White Space Lab, mainly based on underground techno and house music, create a space with high quality.

"REAL GROOVE" will propose creating a community that can follow the underground dance music scene.

In Japan, underground techno and house music etc. have not gained citizenship.

Generally, nightclubs are misunderstood that drugs are in fashion and are scary places.

Or, nightclubs are thought to be places to go for a girls.

In order to change such circumstances, I would like to form a community that purely dance music loves to make it excitement. We are looking for a DJ that will join us together.

Please contact me. Underground Dance Music Meetup REAL GROOVE Resident DJs.

■Every 1st Thursday

Issey (Contact) / Y12 / Jikk / RINA / Hiro Ogawa

■Every 2nd Thursday

Negami / Nobuharu Morimoto / Sasanuma / Zebar / Masa

■Every 3rd Thursday

yuvyu / Sakata / Bohken / Channel Dope / ZENOVA

■Every 4th Thursday

Aibis / Wen / SAWADA / Hiroki Asano / Toma 毎週木曜日に開催するREAL GROOVE。

グッドミュージック × ハンバーガー × コミュニケーションをテーマにレジデントDJが最高な音と空間をお届けします。

REAL GROOVEはアンダーグラウンドなダンスミュージックシーンをフォローしていけるコミュニティ作りを提案していきます。 日本ではアンダーグラウンドなテクノやハウスミュージックなどは、市民権を得られていません。




私たちは一緒にJOINしてくれるDJを募集しています。ぜひコンタクトして下さい。 • 重要事項

※ Do not stay in front of the store.



white space lab

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