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Do you need to exercise?

Do you want to make new friends?

Do you want to know about more Tokyo? TKY URBAN HIKING is one that provides all for you. We are going to walk through the city of Tokyo for 1-2 hours on some weekends.It is a funny thing that we think we all know about our city, but if you actually walk through, you can discover new things. ===After this meet-up===

  1. This meet up might be able to make you more appreciate what you already have.

  2. You might be able to appreciate more small things.

  3. You might feel so refreshed physically and mentally. But anyways, Let’s enjoy new friendship and time with Tea/Coffee after walking. =====For who???==================

TKY URBAN HIKING is good for those who are looking for

  1. New friends

  2. Non-painful exercise

  3. International /cross-cultural exchange

  4. Sunshine

  5. Nice coffee or tea after exercise ===Participation fee======

500 yen(Coffee/Tea fee is excluded) ====How it works=========

  1. Meet up at departure point

  2. Walk together

  3. Coffee/Tea together after arriving at destination ===What to bring=========

Nothing much. But comfortable walking shoes may help you. ===Meeting-up details=====

Time: 9:45

Place: Harajuku sta, Omotesando exit ===Itinerary================

Date: 29th of April

10:00 am: Departure: Harajuku sta.

11:30 pm: Arrive at Shiba Park

~12:00: Tea or coffee at LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN ※This event will end automatically when we arrive at the café, so those who want to have lunch at the café can do so too!! ===Rules===============

  1. You can leave the event anytime you want (no need to let the organizer know)

  2. You can stop at convenience stores or to take photographs anytime.

  3. Try your best to keep up

  4. Safety first! Your security is the highest priority

  5. All the injury and accidents are at your own risk ===こんな人集まれ――!!===

  6. エクササイズしたい人

  7. 精神的にリフレッシュしたい人

  8. 国際交流したい人 ===東京の街をハイキング===========

  9. 見慣れたはずの街に新しいものを発見!

  10. 歩くのは嫌なはずが、なぜか楽しい!

  11. なぜか身体だけじゃなく心もリフレッシュ ===参加費===========================

500円 ===流れ============================

  1. 出発予定地で待ち合わせ

  2. みんなで出発

  3. 目的地到着したら、ティータイム! ===持ち物==========================

  4. 特になし。歩きやすい靴がいいと思います。 ===待ち合わせに関して===

時間: 9:45

場所: JR原宿駅 表参道口 ※MEET-UPのサインを探してください! ===全日程============================

9:45: 集合

10:00: 出発

11:30: 到着

12:00 ティータイム

※目的地に到着したら、各自解散なので、時間のある人はランチしても大丈夫ですよ! ===その他=========================

  1. ハイキング途中いつでも受けてもらっても大丈夫です。その際声をかけなくてもOKです。

  2. 先頭の列で気が付いた際は待つので、コンビニや写真で止まっても大丈夫です。

  3. できるだけ列を意識し、逸れないように心がけてください。

  4. 安全第一!あなたの安全を最優先に守ってください。

  5. イベント中の怪我や事故は責任を負いかねますので、楽しんで終われるように注意しましょう。



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