Helen Keith runs the Edinburgh Marathon!


dim. 27/05/2018 de 8h00 à 16h00

Fuseau horaire : London

Édimbourg, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Team Muscle - Myositis UK

I'm running my first marathon in Edinburgh for Myositis UK because Andrew has inspired me to do so!

My three brothers are my inspiration. All three have run marathons - Ross in Stirling, Colin in Copenhagen and Nice/Cannes, and Andrew at Cape Wrath. Now it's my turn, and as hard as every step will be, it is nothing in comparison to what Andrew has had to deal with in recent months...

A very rare condition, dermatomyositis affects around one in a million people - we've always said Andy is special right enough!

Simple tasks that we take for granted - like eating, drinking, sleeping, walking - have become incredibly difficult. So as tough as a marathon undoubtedly is, Andrew's battle is far tougher.

Your donation will go towards helping research into this rare auto-immune disease, and helping those who are suffering through it.


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Édimbourg, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Nonprofit Organization
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