Rhyw【Cassegrain, Avian, Arcing Seas】at Oil Shenzhen


ven. 30/03/2018 de 22h00 à 4h00

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Rhyw【Cassegrain, Avian, Arcing Seas】

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Alex Tsiridis, half of Cassegrain launched the Rhyw alias in 2016 with an EP on Rotterdam's Tar Hallow. (by Luke Cheadle, XLR8R) . His second release under this name is the five-track Cave Walls (Part One), the fifth release on Shifted's label Avian in 2017.

In techno circles, Cassegrain shouldn't need too much of an introduction. With a label résumé that includes, among others, Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, and Ostgut Ton — as well as highly regarded performances at Berghain, Village Underground, and Output — they've more than stamped their name on the scene. Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen — the two artists behind Cassegrain — formed the project after a chance meeting at the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona. In the years following, they collaborated remotely via email, sending stems back and forth before making a move to Berlin where they currently share a studio.

Back in May 2016, the duo folded a former secret alias and launched it as a label under the same name, Arcing Seas. The first release was ARCS-01, an intense and varied three-tracker of warped beauty. A second release will be out in a few months, followed by a third shortly after—a testament to the duo's relentless work ethic.

Although Tsiridis and Evirgen obviously have an affinity for collaboration—the pair also work alongside Tin Man, a relationship that has delivered a handful of EPs and standout live shows.

作为Cassegrain的二分之一, Alex Tsiridisy以Tar Hallow的一张EP同时启动了个人项目Rhyw。 紧接于2017年在Shifted的Avian发行了Cave Walls(共五首曲目), 并多次参与在Berghain的厂牌活动。

Cassegrain在Alex和搭档Hüseyin Evirgen的悉心打造和共同努力下,已建立在Techno界不可忽视的重要地位。一切都源于他们在巴塞罗纳红牛音乐学院的缘分, 竟一路延续到了柏林: 在大家耳熟能详的Techno厂牌Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, Ostgut Ton发行作品, 在Berghain, Village Underground和Output等标志性场所呈现他们广受好评的现场。2016年, 他们更有了新的突破, 建立了自己的厂牌Arcing Seas, 并和Tin Man开展了包括发行和现场演出在内的一系列合作项目。当然个人项目的发展也不容忽视, 所以请特别关注Alex为我们带来的特别现场。

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