Say Yes x Cutt | nthng, Europa, Mohammed Al Hamza


ven. 06/04/2018 de 22h00 à 4h00

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Say Yes Asia

Say Yes Asia x Cutt.

Transatlantic label showcase

nthng + Europa + Mohammed Al Hamza

Founded in 2015 as a hobby project by two friends and music enthusiasts — nthng and Mohammed Al Hamza, initially served as a free online radio station that would broadcast some of their favorite gems and newest record finds — with a wide spectrum of genres ranging from dark ambient to early experimental music, obscure krautrock, detroit techno and electro, industrial, EBM, new wave and more. Two years later, the two went on to change the format and reconstructed it into a vinyl only label, functioning as on open minded platform for various styles of electronic music.

Transatlantic FM

broadcasting live from the centre of the earth



Transatlantic co-founder nthng kicked off with the first vinyl release 'The Traveller' in April 2017, which was distributed by UK imprint and distributor Lobster Theremin and was critically acclaimed by online electronic music portals.

"Big debut release from Transatlantic as they unleash three storming, trance fueled techno numbers from nthng. You know the drill. Nobody is safe" — Lobster Theremin.

"The Dutch producer nthng gives it to us straight on this 12-inch for the new Transatlantic label. The Traveller sees him channel trance's high drama with tender arpeggios and sweeping pads. This sparse techno hybrid is deep enough to ride the line between kitsch and sophistication—it works because it feels natural" — Resident Advisor.

The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer has already played in some of the most renowned night clubs in the world like Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin, DV1 in Lyon, BASSIANI in Tbilisi or Razzmatazz in Barcelona, among many others, and has released on respected labels such as Delsin Records or Mörk.



Transatlantic's second salvo came from debutant Europa, a producer who's not ashamed to showcase his (or her) many influences. Opener "Facegrinder I", for example, boasts ghetto-tech style pitched-up beats (and vocal samples), glacial synthesizer melodies reminiscent of Kraftwerk's Trance Europe Express album, and the kind of ragged, mind-bending acid lines that were once the preserve of Rephlex Records' battery of brain-dance nutters. The braindance influence comes through even louder on the pleasingly skewed "Facegrinder II", whose mentalist beats are this time accompanied by choral vocal samples and sweeping strings. Finally, he pays tribute to everyone's favourite analogue loon, Aphex Twin, on the brilliant (and bonkers) "In The Jungle (Meeting With Richard David James)".

The enigmatic young producer and DJ Europa is currently based in Hamburg, Germany and studies at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. He draws his electronic music inspiration from many renowned artists such as Basic Channel, Aphex Twin or Muslimgauze and has been playing the piano since early age. Europa has played various clubs and festivals across Europe such as Mägede Hääl, Estonia, Mono in Hamburg or Griessmuehle in Berlin.


Mohammed Al Hamza

In one of his many genre-less mixes for — the co-founder and brain behind the Transatlantic label, Mohammed Al Hamza showcases his affinity and deep understanding for obscure music from all across the globe and has no holding back when it comes to challenging the crowd on the dance floor.

Currently based in New York, fashion management student Mohammed Al Hamza functions as the Transatlantic label manager and host of their internet radio and has played for label showcases in festivals like Mägede Hääl, Estonia and various music platforms such as Shourai, Amsterdam or Freies Radio für Stuttgart.


OIL Club
518040 Shenzhen

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