Ghost Hunt The Village


ven. 12/10/2018 de 20h30 à 2h00

Fuseau horaire : London

The Village Mansfield
Midworth Street
NG18 1AT Mansfield
United Kingdom

Haunted Evenings

The Village Ghost Hunt | Mansfield | Nottinghamshire

Event Price | £29.00 per person

Event Time | 8.30pm – 2.00am

Deposit Option Available

The Village Ghost Hunt

Join Haunted Evenings as we enter “The Village”, a disorientating maze of rooms within this large sprawling former 1800’s slaughter house. The building (more recently used as a local nightclub) was left abandoned and disused for over 10 years before taking on its present role. Now a warren of dark rooms even by day, the current theme only adds to the surreal unnerving surroundings you’ll find yourself in at night. The remains of the old nightclub stairwells and old piano, heard playing by itself, are just some of the eerily hidden away areas to investigate. There’s a real heavy shift in the atmosphere as you step downstairs and with several accounts of paranormal activity that been reported here, The Village is the perfect place to test your nerves!

Built in 1787, originally used as an animal slaughter house, it’s main use throughout the 1800’s was as a Malt House. Many children would have made up the workforce back then, with long hours and hard labour, this may be one of the factors that has led to The Village becoming so reputedly haunted with the sounds of disembodied voices. A piano, left behind from it’s entertaining days as a nightclub, sits gathering dust in one area of the building but doesn’t sit so silent. Many visitors have heard it play by itself when everyone has been accounted for. A menacing male energy has often been picked up in the lower half of the building which could explain the noticeable shift in atmosphere as you wander into the dark depths of the old building.

Your ghost hunting experience with Haunted Evenings at The Village will start with a tour of the location with the lights on. You’ll get to access all areas throughout the night as you break off to take part in various paranormal experiments. For the brave, a chance to take off your choice of equipment and see what you can experience on your own. This location is deceptively large and we will be splitting guests up into smaller groups in order to cover as much ground as possible.

What’s Included | The Village Ghost Hunt

Brief History/ Guided tour/access all available areas

Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques – try your hand at the traditional methods, such as Ouija boards, table tipping, dowsing rods and human pendulums

Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment during our high tech experiments. An opportunity for you to use the equipment yourself

A chance to “go it alone!”

Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks

Complimentary light snacks

Fully Insured

First Aid Cover

Event Dates Available…

Friday 12th October 2018

Event times | 8.30pm -2.00am


The Village Mansfield
Midworth Street
NG18 1AT Mansfield
United Kingdom

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