Greenfinch & In The Attic at Applecross Hall


sam. 19/05/2018 de 21h00 à 1h00

Fuseau horaire : London

Applecross Community Hall
IV54 8LP Applecross
United Kingdom

The Swing Cafe with JP Silver

The Swing Cafe presents Greenfinch & In The Attic live at Applecross Hall Sat 19 May. Pre-sale tickets are £10 (available soon) or £12 at the door, open from 9pm with show kicking off at 9.30pm.


Greenfinch are a Glasgow-based five piece who perform folk-inflected songs built on a warm bed of intertwining guitars and ethereal vocals – in English and Gaelic. There will generally be two acoustic guitars and two slightly confused hippies, but there are often also several other superb musicians playing a host of instruments and looking after the longhairs.

The sound is folk/Americana and influenced by the likes of Midlake, Fionn Regan, Mark Kozelek, Iron & Wine, Field Music, Nick Drake, Wilco, King Creosote, M. Ward, Neil Young, Devendra Banhart and the Delgados.

Greenfinch have been performing in Scotland for several years in various guises from solo acoustic to seven piece with glockenspiel, piano, violin, cello and trumpet. Recently an urge to spread their wings produced performances at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Mugstock festival, Stereo, Maggie May’s, The Record Factory, Oxjam, Nice N’ Sleazy, BOX and Live at Troon festival. The Spring will see the release of a six track EP and a short tour before the festival season begins anew.

In The Attic

In The Attic is a three-piece rock band from the Highlands of Scotland, now based in Glasgow.

The current line-up of the band is Dol Campbell – lead singer/guitarist/songwriter, David MacLean - drums, and Dol’s brother Seoras Campbell – bass/backing vocals. Currently working on new material and a new demo they are planning concerts all over Scotland throughout 2018 and beyond.

The band began in 2011 when Dol Campbell moved back home to the beautiful village of Plockton in the Highlands and met an old school friend, Lindsay Campbell, who had recording equipment and was also a handy bassist. Together they recorded a 10 song demo called ‘In the Attic’, which was recorded ‘in the attic’ of Dol’s mother’s home.

Along with David MacLean, another Plockton musician and school friend, the band commenced and plans were made to start gigging immediately. Having moved to Edinburgh/Glasgow, Dol and Dave began gigging and quickly established the band at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh where they reached a Battle of the Bands final in 2014.

Musically, In The Attic are loud rock with indie, blues and pop thrown in. But, there is no style that they won’t shy away from whether it be Led Zep-esque head-banging madness or a Banarama/Bon Jovi mash-up! Yes, they do some super-cheesy covers, but also a whole host of classics.

In terms of their own stuff their lyrics tend to be dark but that usually fits with the heavy guitar playing and chord thrashing, or with their sad country and bluesy melodies. There are also songs which are more positive and have happier lyrics, but they’ll always prefer playing the heavier, rougher songs. For In The Attic it’s all about a catchy melody with chunky guitar tones, thumping bass lines, ear-piercingly loud drums and dark lyrics!


Applecross Community Hall
IV54 8LP Applecross
United Kingdom

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