Brea Robertson [AU indie folk] Eißzeit [D german pop]


samedi 17 de 20h00 à 22h00

Fuseau horaire : Berlin (GMT+01:00)

Saarbach Galerie Kulturcafe
Sanderstrasse 22
12047 Berlin

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BREA ROBERTSON is an independent singer songwriter from Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Brea's style fuses heartfelt soul with folk rhythms and bluesy tones. Her voice is the centre-piece of her songs, reaching from rich depths, to angelic heights, stirring the hearts of her listeners. Coupled with sweet guitar, poetic lyrics and chant-like melodies, Brea draws inspiration from landscapes and people which she regularly encounters anew as her nomadic lifestyle allows.

Currently based in Berlin, Brea is excited to be releasing her new LP within the next few months.

EIßZEIT is the symbiosis of the singer Elise Eißmann (eiß) and the drummer/producer Niklas Kortländer (zeit). An ambivalent name that fits in well with this troubled time.

Shimmering soundscapes of electro, rock and melodic pop with straight german lyrics. About inner disunity. About irrepressible hunger for life. A big trap. That damn vulnerability. But also about a big hope: to arrive at some point, somewhere.

Einlass/doors: 19h30

Beginn/start: 20h30

Eintritt frei, Spenden für Musiker und Kopfhören, bitte

Free entrance, we'll kindly ask you to donate for the musicians and for the headphones's service.

Please note that having free concerts it's cool but to keep going this way it's definitely worth to support the musicians with donations of at least 5€. These guys are playing not only for fun but also to make a living with their music. Thanks for understanding.

Important notice: we play music with a Wireless Headphones System provided to both performers and audience. This way the sound is much better and we use no speakers.


Saarbach Galerie Kulturcafe
Sanderstrasse 22
12047 Berlin

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