Sofia Mono [SWE space pop/psych] Paper Thieves [D/NZ indie pop]


mercredi 21 de 20h00 à 22h00

Fuseau horaire : Berlin (GMT+01:00)

Oblomov Kreuzkoelln
Lenaustrasse 7
12047 Berlin

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SOFIA MONO sings about the world in transformation, to express her concerns of life, love, and space. Her music sounds like futuristic indie art pop, shaman music and space sounds with a 60's touch. Black magic spirituals told by a seeker of the balance between darkness and light.

An EP in the closet to be released in 2018.

PAPER THIEVES is a five-headed future pop project with roots in New Zealand, Turkey and Germany.

The Berlin residents captivate melodies with songs that vary between rock and ambient pop. The group has committed itself to an intricate blend of souly vocals, neo-psychedelic guitar emissions and stimulating rhythms.

Having recently finished their debut EP 'headlights' (2016), they are currently working on their album which is to be completed in early 2018.

Einlass/doors: 19h30

Beginn/start: 20h30

Eintritt frei, Spenden für Musiker und Kopfhören, bitte

Free entrance, we'll kindly ask you to donate for the musicians and for the headphones's service.

Please note that having free concerts it's cool but to keep going this way it's definitely worth to support the musicians with donations of at least 5€. These guys are playing not only for fun but also to make a living with their music. Thanks for understanding.

Important notice: we play music with a Wireless Headphones System provided to both performers and audience. This way the sound is much better and we use no speakers.


Oblomov Kreuzkoelln
Lenaustrasse 7
12047 Berlin

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