Pelvic Health Clinic with Karin Locher at Bodytree


Du 09/04/2018 09h00 au 16/04/2018 16h00

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Bodytree Studio
Corner of 11th & 26th St , Khalidiyah
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Abou Dabi

Bodytree Studio

Times: 1 hour appointments (from 9am-4pm)

Investment: 580 dhs per hour

Email or call 02 443 4448 to book an appointment

Pelvic health issues, trauma and pain do not need to be accepted as a part of our being; when given the chance, the body’s self-correcting and self- organising nature can heal all.

The Pelvic Health Clinic is part of the Centre for Spatial Medicine’s initiative to help women find solutions and resolve pelvic disorders that lead to the infertility, post or pre- birth complications, pelvic floor issues and lower back pain that so many are living with today.

Join Karin in a one-to-one session in Bodytree Studio, Abu Dhabi where we will work to resolve and restore your pelvic condition to achieve physical freedom.

Book your session today with Karin Locher. The session is a 2 stage process:

First it will recognise the coping strategies and habit patterns that are playing out in the body. Then we will begin to release these to enable the nervous system to resume the parasympathetic state, the only state that healing can occur. This is a manual fascia releasing process, where tensions and past experiences that are held in the fascial tissues are released.

Second is the process of awareness to become aware of the unconscious patterns that are disturbing the balance of the body thereby creating the strain and stagnation which lead to pain and dis-ease.

About Karin

Karin Locher is the founder and director Centre for Spatial Medicine (CFSM), Teacher Training and Professional Development Education; Karin teaches a revolutionary study of human movement and being around the world.

She offers an expanded vision and the possibility for profound personal change. With insights, applications and a sensory awareness of the transforming aspects of the body-mind relationship through the neuro-fascia which, she believes, is the key to a whole new level of healing, rehabilitation and being.

A teacher and presenter worldwide for over 17 years, Karin is an affiliated partner with Anatomy Trains; she is certified with Fascial Fit-ness, Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Healing), Structural Integration (Fascia Release) and Reconnective Healing.


Bodytree Studio
Corner of 11th & 26th St , Khalidiyah
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

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