Moonfruits + Sarah Osborne // Café Deux Soleils


mer. 18/04/2018 de 20h00 à 23h00

Fuseau horaire : Vancouver (GMT-07:00)

Cafe Deux Soleils
2096 Commercial Drive
V5N 4B2 Vancouver

Sarah Osborne Music


Sarah Osborne Music’s sultry songwriting joins Moonfruits’ soaring harmonies in a captivating bilingual evening of story and song. Inviting listeners on a stroll of Saint-Somewhere - an imaginary village making a hard but hopeful go of the here and now - the artists celebrate the coming of spring at Cafe Deux Soleils on April 18th, during their first tour of BC together.

doors · 8:00 pm // show · 8:30 pm

cover · 10$ or pay-what-you-can

La voix envoûtante de Sarah Osborne Music et l’imaginaire de Moonfruits se marient, au banjo ou à la guitare, pour faire éclore les bourgeons du printemps et inviter le public à une expérience bilingue et immersive – voguant entre folk, théâtre et l’art de la parole. Venez au Cafe Deux Soleils le 18 avril pour un spectacle folk frisson, plein d’harmonies, d’humour et de cœur qui tournoie autour du village imaginaire de Ste-Quequepart.


Moonfruits //

Escorted by a banjo and a parlour guitar, Moonfruits captivates listeners and celebrate common ground. Partners on and off stage, they summon music from a place where ideals and imagination intertwine. Moonfruits weaves stories to transport audiences, inviting them to walk in another’s shoes and celebrate the strength of everyday people.

Sarah Osborne Music //

Sarah Osborne is like honey in your ears with her smoky voice and elegant guitar fingers. Her craft of timeless poetry and emotionally ripe music are inspired by the old growth forests and thick salty air of Canada’s wild west coast. Her dramatic and haunting aura will take you on an entrancing journey through a sultry and powerful blend of folk, blues, and jazz.


Cafe Deux Soleils
2096 Commercial Drive
V5N 4B2 Vancouver

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