2017-2018 SW Destiny Regional Championship


samedi 24 de 12h00 à 20h00

Fuseau horaire : Winnipeg (GMT-05:00)

A Muse N Games
1783 Portage Ave
R3J 0E8 Winnipeg

A Muse N Games

A Muse N Games is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the host of the 2017-2018 Star Wars Destiny Regional Championship on March 24, 2018.

The event will be capped at 64 players.

Registration is now open in store and online here. Registration is $25 including taxes.


4-19 FFG Regional prize kit only (details not yet announced)

20-64 $15 store credit per additional player will be added to the prize pool


The first round will begin at noon, player meeting will be at 11:45am, the store will open at 11am for on site check in. There will be 15 minutes planned in between rounds in case of running over time.

The Event should take approximately 8 hours but if we get close to the full 64 entrants it will add an additional 2 hours to the tournament. Depending on the number of players a longer dinner break may occur before the cut.

Rounds will be as follows:

Swiss Rounds: 35 minutes each

Single Elimination, Best-of-Three Rounds (except Final): 90 minutes each

Final Single Elimination, Best-of-Three Round: 120 minutes

Number of Registered Players will determine the Number of Swiss Rounds followed by a Top Cut.

9-12 players 4 rounds Top 4

13-24 players 5 rounds Top 4

25-40 players 6 rounds Top 8

41-76 players 7 rounds Top 8

Source: www.facebook.com

A Muse N Games
1783 Portage Ave
R3J 0E8 Winnipeg

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