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Abrazame y Baila

mercredi 28 de 19h00 à 20h00

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Abrazame y Baila
Amaret Chalhoub
N/A Beirut
For all Argentine Tango Lovers,
We are starting a New Argentine Tango Class on Wednesday 28th of February with our Maestro Tofic Anton.
Classes will be held on Monday at 08:00pm and Wednesday at 07:00pm at Abrazame y Baila Academy - Amaret Chalhoub.
We are offering a free trial session on Wednesday 28th of February at 7:00pm
For more info call us on: 03/922516
Or message our page ABRAZAME Y BAILA
Address: Abrazame y Baila Academy, Amaret Chalhoub, facing supermarket Fahed, near Khoury Pharmacy, Ballan bldg., 4th floor
About Tofic Anton
Tofic started to dance at a very young age.
He was marked by the spirit of old tangueros (Jose Mendez, Pocho Pizzaro, Antonio Todaro)....
Tofic learned with the Argentine tango Maestro Pablo Tegli. Pablo introduced him to a very fluid and relaxed tango, in which possibilities can be created in a very elegant and controlled way. Tofic is inspired by one of the greatest tangueros of all time, Pablo Veron with whom he took many workshops.
After years of intensive work, Tofic achieved a very creative style with strong attachment to the rules and sequences of traditional tango.
Tofic has a Phd In mechanical engineering. For years, he has studied the bio-mechanics of the human body and the art of the fluid and relaxed couple movement. He has modeled and simulated human body movements. Tofic has developed effective techniques to coordinate the respiration with body movements and has optimized several ways to achieve the best performance in terms of quality of individual and couple movements. The techniques developed by Tofic can be applied to other dance forms including the latin dances.
Tofic has given tango classes and workshops in Europe, India, the Middle east and many other countries. He has taught and performed in several festivals, events and musicals worldwide. 4 years ago, he moved to Lebanon from France where he created the ‘Tango Abrazame y Baila’ group.