Forward Extensions & Twists Yoga Workshop
Inner Wellness Studio

sam. 03/03/2018 de 14h00 à 17h00

Fuseau horaire : Johannesburg (GMT+02:00)

Inner Wellness Studio
230 Musgrave Rd
4083 Musgrave
South Africa
Forward Extensions & Twists Yoga Workshop
Understand the essential techniques of seated and standing forward bends that will bring extension, vitality and strength, to the spine and the back of the body. The openness that is gained in the backs of the legs through the aligned and mindful practice of forward bends, becomes a boon for back pain. The therapeutic benefits work deeper than the spine; the nerves and internal organs become relaxed and are energised.
The same understanding of extension and expansion is carried into the practice of twists. Twists create flexibility in the spine and help in the toning and rejuvenation of internal organs. Twists compliment and balance the practice of forward extensions.
Venue: Durban Yoga Shala
Time: 2-5pm
Cost: R400
Early Registration: R350
For early registration arrange payment before Saturday 3rd March
Banking details:
D Baldi FNB Savings acc
number; 62191378390
branch; 220128
To confirm your space on the workshop contact | 079 262 3877
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