Chocolate Thunder become bad mama jamas
Chocolate Thunder

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ven. 16/02/2018 de 22h00 à 0h00/strike>

Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant
39 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro
6011 Wellington
New Zealand
Oh hai there, how are you? I'm good, just went for a run and now made some eggs on toast with some manuka smoked chilly salt but it kinda burnt my oesophagus on the way down ya know? So I had to take a couple of swigs out of my 1.25L PUMP spring water bottle that contains 0 Calories, no preservatives and is non carbonated. Now i'm just getting through my work load, probably will read some of the Paul McCartney biography by Phillip Norman later on today if I get time just so I can relax but also inform myself about music history, is that really relaxing? I dunno. Or would you suggest going to Freyberg and getting in the sauna, then steam room, then taking a dip in Oriental bay, then back into the steam room? Is that relaxing though? Sounds like a lot of work and you're getting all steamy. And your skin kinda looks like a head of broccoli afterwards
Chocolate Thunder:
Conway Jeune - Yams
Makura Tomoana - Turnips
Moira Jones - Radishes
Ayrton Foote - Chinese Cabbage
Sam Perovic-McKenzie - Potatoes
Bryn van Vliet - Beetroots
*Yam = Guitar
*Turnip = Bass
* Radish = Vocals
* Chinese cabbage = Keys
* Potato = Drums
* Beetroot = Saxophone