AcroMoteris: AcroYoga for Women
Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras

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jeu. 15/02/2018 de 16h00 à 18h00/strike>

Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras
Antakalnio g. 84A
10204 Vilnius
Are you a lazy sports-woman? Is that even possible?
Yes, for me it is and I would like to show you the combination, that I found in AcroYoga, of:
· Playing like a kid
· Treating your body and mind in a healthy way and loving it!
· Aswell as caring and feeling taken care from the others <3
If you already wanted to try this but you prefer to do it in a comfortable atmosphere, working on team-building in among WOMAN ONLY... or you want to transmit this safe space and care to others just join us to receive and give.
We will explore how much (more) we can do when we work in a trustful and encouraging group of woman.
· Forgetting about intimidating physical contact, forgetting about body ashame...
· Welcomming sincere emotional openess, honest and healing touch
Using AcroYoga as a powerful tool to trust in others and yourself, practicing mutual support and encouraging strength in each other to build a community of strong, loving women who grow together and empower each other. Learning how to interchange between the roles of a “flyer”, a “base” and a “spotter” among each other can build greater self-confidence and liberate us from gender-role stereotypes because each sister learns how to both trust and support the other.
The purpose of WOMEN-ONLY AcroYoga is to create a safe environment for women who might not be otherwise comfortable practicing physical contact with men, and enable them to discover their own strength and power. The growing community of acroyogi women celebrate each other’s unique body shapes & forms without the pressure of needing to compete with each other. And by learning how to practice physical trust among sisters who ensure complete safety, comfort and relaxation, we allow space for each other’s physical healing through caring touch.