Oslo Startup Day: Gaming In Society
House of Nerds

mercredi 28 de 13h30 à 16h00

Fuseau horaire : Oslo (GMT+01:00)

House of Nerds
Lørenveien 38
0585 Oslo
Games are everywhere.
In your living room, on your phone, and in schools all over the world.
But gaming isn’t just for fun. Can gamification foster good habits and change how we use products and services?
Join us for Oslo Startup Day: Gaming In Society and learn how gaming mechanisms influence education and healthcare, meet some of the leading founders and experts, and see why investors look at gaming as one of the most interesting sectors in tech.
13:30 Coffee & snacks
14:00 Welcome / Jørn Haanæs (OBR) and Stian Skoglund (House of Nerds)
14:05 Gaming in society / Jørgen Tharaldsen, MegaPop
14:20 Poio / Maria Katarina T. Michelsen
14:30 Playpulse / Erling Magnus Solheim
14:40 Sunnås / Truls Johansen
14:50 Attensi / Anne Lise Waal
15:00 short break
15:15 The investor perspective
15:30 Panel discussion with participants
16:00 Networking / open house
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