Usui Reiki Practitioner Training 1 with Catherine McMahon
Glosna House

sam. 21/04/2018 de 9h30 à 16h30

Fuseau horaire : Dublin

Glosna House
Ballylehane Lower
Laois Wolfhill
Reiki Practitioner Training 1, 2, 3 & 4 with Catherine McMahon. Call 0877693966 to book. Catherine McMahon is founder of The Spiritual Light Academy. The Spiritual Light Academy provides accredited certified training and is recognised by IPHM (The Holistic Accreditation Board). She offers practitioner training, teacher training as well as a range of spiritual development courses
Reiki Practitioner Training Level 1 costs €150
Reiki Practitioner Training Level 2 costs: €200
Reiki Master/Teacher Level 3 & 4 costs: €350

Reiki is an ancient healing method, which is becoming popular in our modern age. The word reiki is made from two Japanese words rei and ki, together they mean universal life energy. It is this energy that a reiki practitioner channels through his or her hands into the recipients body. Reiki is suitable for everybody, regardless of his or her age or degree of health.

It can be used to:
Aid relaxation and relieve anxiety or stress
Strengthen the immune system
Replenish vital energy
Ease sinusitis
Relieve headaches
Help arthritis
Ease physical pain and injuries and accelerate the bodies healing process
Support during times of emotional pain such as bereavement
Aid spiritual development
Balancing the chakras
Facilitates periods of transition

Reiki 1
Reiki First Degree focuses on self healing and learning about reiki energy. Reiki is a holistic or whole-istic therapy as it heals on all levels of the body- the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.
During reiki level one training you will be taught:
The meaning of Reiki
The history of Reiki
The properties of Reiki.
The Reiki hand positions.
The principals of Reiki
You will receive initiation and attunements into Reiki Level I.
Receive hands-on practice using the different hand positions used in reiki healing.
Upon completion of the first degree Reiki training students receive:
An Usui Reiki certification
Be confident and proficient in using Reiki energy for self-healing and also for healing their family & friends (you cannot charge clients a fee until you have completed Level II training- practitioner level).
Stimulate and deepen your spiritual and personal growth

Please note Reiki level one is ideal for people who they themselves or their family members suffers from a chronic illness or condition because by taking level one reiki, they can use the healing on themselves or others on a daily basis to relieve any pain or discomfort etc. Also the attunement process is deeply healing.