She, in the haze + Plugs of Apocalypse - Lille (FR)
Bobble Café

dim. 25/03/2018 de 20h00 à 23h00

Bobble Café
289av de Dunkerque
59160 Lomme
She, in the haze are vocal and guitarist yu-ki, keyboarder an and drummer tomo. The concept of the band is to convey their own view of the world within dreamy, sweet and melancholic melodies with a touch of electronic music. yu-ki's exceptional voice contributes greatly to the dreamy and drifting band sound.
The members of She, in the haze are doing everything on their own: From writing and recording their songs to designing their band website, all of the releases and even their outfits to creating and recording their promotional videos. Doing all of that on a high level is thanks to all the members being trained web designers, recording engineers and graphic designers.
The band's songs were already presented to a broad international audience by many different web radios, where She, in the haze got many people interested in their music. Now is the time for the band to dare the leap to Europe, embarking on their first ever European tour. People in Belgium, France and Germany who fancy Shoegaze, Post Rock, New Wave, Rock and Electronic music should not miss this special band from Japan.
Listen to She, in the haze: