Balancing the Four Elements of Nature Meditation

lun. 26/02/2018 de 19h30 à 20h30

Fuseau horaire : Dubai (GMT+04:00)

409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, (just outside DAMAC Properties Metro station)
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United Arab Emirates
Facilitated by: Yogmitra
Investment: (+ 5% Vat charges after 01st Jan, 2018)
In-House Meditations: AED 80/-
Gong & Special Meditations: AED 100/-
Collaboration Meditations: AED 150/-
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About the Meditation:
The Four Elements Meditation
The four elements make up everything on earth. Each element makes up a dimension. This is an ancient wisdom.
In the four elements meditation we harness these elements, and balance them in the body to create harmony and greater manifestation.
If you feel sluggish or humdrum, fire energy will relight your passion to make the world shine new again. It provides new ideas and can be enjoyably unpredictable.
Air energy clears your thoughts. The world makes sense. If your thoughts are scattered, or you feel heavy in life, air is the element to balance. Water If you feel too chaotic or crazy, the energy of water is a gentle relief. When you are balanced in water, this helps you to balance and cleanse your emotions. You will keep your life flowing in the direction of your goals.
When you feel spacey or not quite present, earth is the energy to integrate. And for those who are grounded, but sometimes feel stuck in the mud, it is good to balance your earth energy. Earth is the most solid energy of creation. Power through inertia and old cycles.
About Yogmitra:
Yogmitra is a spiritual healer and teacher with over 25 years of facilitation experience where he combines his years of study in the areas of mystic, esoteric and energetic-spiritual psychology, to offer meditations, workshops, private consultations and trainings to clients from all over the world. Residing in Pune, India, he was initiated into the OSHO commune at the young age of 5 years by the Renowned OSHO, where he was given his spiritual name, Yogmitra.
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