Candle Burning Rituals for Letting Go, Healing & Manifestation

mar. 27/02/2018 de 19h00 à 20h30

Fuseau horaire : Dubai (GMT+04:00)

409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, (just outside DAMAC Properties Metro station)
Google Maps Location:,55.1492436,21z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x3e5f6ca873c8e485:0x5f3afd93bbf32d61!2sIlluminations+Well+Being+Center!3m1!1s0x3e5f6ca873c8e485:0x5f3afd93bbf32d61 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Facilitated by: Yogmitra
Investment: AED 150/- (+5% Vat)
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About the workshop:
Candle rituals are probably one of the simplest forms of magic to get started with. You need nothing but the candle and the fire to light it with. Candle rituals can also be seen to be complete within itself, as the body of the candle is made up of the elements of earth, water and air. To complete, you need fire and spirit. Fire is easy and spirit can be represented by the sick of the candle, as the wick is where the potential of the candle lies, and will be unfolded with. With the candle lit, the flame of the intent will burn.
Candle rituals have been used for centuries for magic. We light candles on holidays, functions etc, a practice that takes place in different religions, cultures and traditions. Candles invoke the divine, they create a sense of ceremony and they are fascinating to look at. Moreover, candles are available everywhere and can be purchased from anywhere.
Through their ability to help you focus on your wishes, they make your hearts desire come true. Try next time you want to make something happen in your life.
About Yogmitra:
Yogmitra is a spiritual healer and teacher with over 25 years of facilitation experience where he combines his years of study in the areas of mystic, esoteric and energetic-spiritual psychology, to offer meditations, workshops, private consultations and training to clients from all over the world. Residing in Pune, India, he was initiated into the OSHO commune at the young age of 5 years by the Renowned OSHO, where he was given his spiritual name, Yogmitra.
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