Chinese Corner 汉语角
Latvijas Ķīnas Studiju Asociācija

mer. 28/02/2018 de 19h00 à 21h00

Fuseau horaire : Riga (GMT+02:00)

Lielais Kinas Muris
Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 21
1010 Riga
What: Chinese Corner 汉语角 (the perfect place for communication between local inhabitants and Chinese friends in Latvia ) :) Best place to practice Chinese! ♥
Who can come: Everyone who is interested in China and Chinese culture. And of course, Chinese friends, living in Latvia. (If you know any international students from China studying in Latvia, feel free to invite them).
Please register in advance : name, age, Chinese level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) . For our Chinese friends: name, occupation, city you are from (in China) , send to :
The topic for this Chinese Corner: My favourite poem. "我最喜欢的一首诗"。 You can prepare a poem (you don't have to learn it by heart) and read it. It can be in different languages, for example : the original is in English, you can read in English first and then - Chinese translation (can be found online) or vice versa. Example:
Thoughts in the Silent Night
By Li Bai
Translated by Yang Xianyi & Dai Naidie
Beside my bed a pool of light—
Is it hoarfrost on the ground?
I lift my eyes and see the moon,
I bend my head and think of home.
You can use poems in any languages: Latvian/Chinese, Russian /Chinese, English/Chinese 等等等