Hex Your Ex (Valentine's Day, Intégrate style!)
Intégrate Monterrey

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ven. 16/02/2018 de 22h00 à 4h00/strike>

DATE Urban Spot
Rio tamazunchale #213 Centrito Valle
66220 San Pedro Garza Garcia
Valentine's Weekend is getting closer at the speed of El Chepe (which you should visit while you're here!), so we're creating the opportunity for YOU to celebrate it in style!
Whether you want to bring your ex's picture (we'll rip it into pieces together and give you a FREE SHOT for it!) or just feel like meeting someone new, show up to DATE Urban Spot this coming Friday the 16th to melt the dancefloor and every singleton's heart with your dance moves to Reggaeton, Trap, and Hip Hop music!
Also, we'll have a dynamic where you can win a free ticket to Huasteca Potosina Ecotouristic Adventure! by Intégrate Monterrey!!!!!
It goes as follows: It you do bring your ex's picture and we rip it together, we'll give you a half of a love letter. The first male/female pair (or couple!) who join their two love letter halves, win a free ticket to our trip!!
The second male/female pair to do so, get a free romantic dinner at El Anden Monterrey!! So make sure to match with someone you want to share this with!! Not too shabby, huh? :)
We start at DATE until 2AM, then we head to FLOW until 4/5AM-ish!
- ONE-WAY TRANSPORTATION from TEC and UDEM to the club
- Quick access to DATE Urban Spot (NO QUEUES, NO COVER)
- 2 drinks of 1L each to get you going and to start gathering the courage to approach that cutie across the dance floor!
- National bottles at just $500 each until 12AM!
- Courtesy shots that will act as Cupid's Arrow for you AND your crush! (Increased courage AND lowered standards make a match made-in-haven!)
- TRANSPORTATION towards our OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY at Flow (located in Zona Tec)
- Quick access to Flow (NO QUEUES, NO COVER)
- A perky-tasting, energetic drink global brand that used to give you wings and now just gives you the energy of a male-equivalent of a cow to party all night long!
- An international cigarette company whose name could be an english-language accent (and if it was, it would be confusing as hell!)
- Up-and-coming San Pedro El Anden Monterrey, whose cuisine-and-drink excellence will soon be home of another one of our stories really soon!
- Condones Safe On, who will be our Guardian Angel for the night to make sure it doesn't end in a disaster for anyone! (and that you don't go back to your home country with a very expensive 'souvenir').
Intégrate Monterrey
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