The Art of Being Broken (workshop)SOLD OUT!
Tonya Whittle; Wild Souled Wellness

ven. 02/03/2018 de 19h00 à 22h00

Fuseau horaire : St_Johns (GMT-03:00)

Clay Cafe Avalon
961 Topsail Road Unit D
A1N3K1 Mount Pearl
Join us for an event of putting your pieces back together. Sometimes, in life, we have experiences that break us. And that breaking can leave us feeling disconnected, alone, hurt, and unsure of what to do.
Healing those broken pieces can be hard.
Trauma occurs when we cannot reconcile what is happening or why, when it doesn't fit. And to survive, to cope, we disconnect from what is happening and can be left feeling like we're fragmented for a long time.
In this interactive workshop, we'll be literally and figuratively putting your broken pieces back together using the Japanese art Kingsugi - filling your cracks with Gold.
In this workshop we'll be do this with a broken piece to represent the journey we will take together - through meditation and a journey within to find the pieces you lost in those moments so you can bring them back.
The piece you create will be yours to bring home, so you have a reminder that the breaks are not what makes you broken, but those in fact, are the places where you are stronger, your breaks and cracks can be made beautiful by reclaiming and owning all the pieces of you and putting them back together so they represent your own journey.