International Women's Day 2018 X Wedu

sam. 10/03/2018 de 12h00 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Bangkok (GMT+07:00)

House of Lucie
1 Ekamai soi 8
10110 Bangkok
Pushing into 2018, we must press forward and collectively fight for gender equality!
Come to the House of Lucie to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) with Wedu!
No need to pre-register for this free event, bring a group of friends to collectively celebrate the achievements of women and keep striving for more!
During International Women’s Day 2018, people all over the world will be promoting and collectively fighting for gender equality on the political, social and economic level. The event will be having its opening premiere on March 10th, and will continue to be on display for the following week.
Wedu’s event focuses on advocating for women’s empowerment and ways to fix global gender parity. Through the hashtag, #PressforProgress, Wedu and IWD would like to motivate attendees to recognize the reality of the gender gap on the global scale. In the same way, Wedu wishes to focus on the achievements women have accomplished from all over the globe.
Through this art-exhibit style event, Wedu will be showcasing our Rising Stars and their mentors achievements, aspirations, and amazing feats. Rising Stars are inspirational women leaders throughout Asia- from here in Bangkok to India! To promote gender equality and changemakers in action, Wedu wishes to showcase how we can continue to fight and spread the importance of leadership in young women!
Stay tuned to the event page for updates and sneak peaks at some of the stories we’ll be showcasing! For any remaining questions about the event, email:
Thank you and we hope to see you there!