Dundalk I.T. - Camp Leaders Visit!
Camp Leaders Ireland

mardi 27 de 10h00 à 15h00

Fuseau horaire : Dublin

Dundalk Institute of Technology
Dublin Road
7 Dundalk
Want the ultimate J1 experience? Spend your summer at an American summer camp in 2018 with Camp Leaders!
Come along to our presentation to meet the team, learn loads about camp, your J1 options and how to get prepared for the best summer ever.
Presentation Location - Room M128
Date & Time - 27th February 10am
Information Stand Location - Outside Canteen
Date & Time - 27th February 12pm to 3pm
Want to know more about camp?
Summer camp gives you the opportunity to spend your summer living and working in the US, teaching American campers all the sports, hobbies and skills that you know and love. Not only will you spend every day doing what you love in the American sunshine, but you'll get paid for it too!
You will also meet people from around the world and spend up to a month travelling America after your contract is done. Camp Leaders is a cultural exchange provider offering summer work experiences at over 500 summer camps in America. Food and accommodation will be provided whilst you work. We placed 100% of our participants at camp in summer 2017, so we know that we can get you to America for the summer of a lifetime!
For more information about summer camp, check out our website here - https://www.campleaders.com/ie/
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