Valentine’s Creative Bonding in Collaboration with Barah
Nūn Center

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sam. 17/02/2018 de 18h30 à 21h30/strike>

Nūn Center
4 Shafik Mansour, Zamalek
12461 Cairo
Date: 17th of February
Time: 6:30-9:30Pm
Price: 500LE/Couple
Booking: or 01223980898

It’s Valentine’s; the bonding time with our loved one.
So! Let’s bond!!

Bonding with your loved one takes many forms; you talk, you plan, you agree, you disagree, you fight and you joke.

But did you ever try to create something together?

Creating together is another level of bonding … It’s definitely worth the trial!

Intimate couples have a deep sacred bond that overpasses their history together; a bond built through many layers and aspects that exceeds physical presence, it lies deep between the souls.

In this Valentine’s date; art will be the vehicle to explore these souls’ treasures, the tool to discover the layers of this unique relationship, express it and embrace it. Couples will enjoy an unforgettable meaningful time making art together as a duet; they’ll be painting, singing and having a lot of fun.
NO painting skills are required, it is all about the creative art process, the exploration of the duet inner bond, the unique bond that deserves a unique date.

About the workshop:

The workshop will start by taking each one in an exciting self-exploration journey, through spontaneous painting. Following this meaningful experience, the process of creative duet expression will start. Couples will enjoy the fun of painting together revealing layers and depth of their inner bond.

By the end of the session, couples will connect with and through their sacred bond and discover their creative connection and unique harmony.
About the Facilitator:
Amany Shenouda
Amany is an artist, communication consultant, expressive arts facilitator, counselor and university instructor. Since 2011 she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. She holds a Diploma in Public Relations by the AUC and Cambridge University. After years of success in her professional life as a communication consultant, she found out that she is passionate about two things; art and supporting people. In 2015 she studied counseling and was mentored by the guru Stewart Cubley, the leader and the co-author of many books about the “Painting Process”. She was the first to introduce the “Process Art” concept through painting in Egypt, a concept that gives all the value to the process rather than the product. She held a number of workshops inside and outside Egypt under the name “Barah” (the vastness) for individuals, groups, community and organizations to help people discover, express, accept and cherish their true selves. The workshops are designed to work through intuitive wisdom, creative power and spiritual depth. Amany is among the first graduates with a certificate in Community Arts and Action Methods from Dawar (CAM 2017).

About Barah Expressive Art:

Barah is an Arabic word meaning “vastness”; the mindset and virtual space where we can find our precious true selves. A place where we can safely express and embrace the treasure of our uniqueness and authenticity, without any evaluation, judgment or even explanation. Barah is the vastness within, the vastness of inner peace, creativity and self-worth. The initiative aims to help people reach the vastness within by offering a variety of art-driven, self-exploration workshops. The workshops are designed to work through intuitive wisdom, creative power and spiritual depth.