Master your habits to master your time!

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Beer Mania
1050 Brussels

How can you use the power of habits to finally turn-around your time management? Which habits are supportive and which are disempowering? How can you install them into your daily life to increase your focus and move to autopilot all those things you shouldn't be thinking about?

That's the topic for this meetup!

A habit is something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. The second part of the sentence is key here. It tells us that if we do something often and regularly, it WILL very likely become a habit, whether we want it or not. This happens, because the brain and the body, as an evolutionary response, are trying to save energy and be more efficient with the resources they have. Habits do exactly that. They move the activity into the subconscious and shortcut the energy-consuming "thinking".

In many cases that's something we want. Good habits form, like brushing your teeth every morning. Such habits are empowering and supportive.

In other cases, bad habits form, for example always having a biscuit with your coffee. "Bad" in a sense that it is holding us back or sabotage a change we want to make.

How does this apply to time management?

If you are struggling with time management, you are very likely sabotaging yourself through "bad habits" you created…again, most likely without knowing, simply by repeating a behavioral pattern.

Because such behavioral patterns become imprinted in neural pathways, it's often hard to break bad habits…. but the good news is, YOU CAN. The most promising way is by replacing them with good ones.

But which habits are the ones that will help you manage your time better? Which ones increase your productivity, energy and overall satisfaction and which ones slow us down?

Join us on Feb 21st to find out more.