Thetahealing BASIC DNA : Create your own reality
Sahasrara Roshni

Du 23/02/2018 09h00 au 25/02/2018 17h00

Fuseau horaire : Dubai (GMT+04:00)

Southern Sun Abu Dhabi
mina road, Al Zahiya
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
An opportunity to finally let go and being knowing your beliefs systems for the first time. This is the beginner's course to understanding the Basics of Thetahealing®, tapping into your sub conscious mind (theta brain wave) and start living your life.
In Addition to which, you will learn to tap into your intuitive capacity, be mesmerized by how awesome we are internally & externally. The curiosity of why genetic patterns serve as a key to manifesting our success, abundance and wealth will be elaborated.
It gets better, as there will be exercises on how to scan the human body, tap into the theta-brain wave, intuitive development, self love, connect to the oneness of love and bring it into our reality clearing what no longer serves us.
Roshni Pillai, an intuit, a reader & Certified Thetahealing Instructor has proven effectively to create awareness, expand people’s brain capacity to develop their own life, teaching them to let go and build towards receiving abundance in several perspectives.
COURSE DETAILS - 3 consecutive Days
Feb 23, 24 [9am - 5pm] Feb 25 [4pm - 10pm]
Pre - requisites : NONE
- Total fee: AED1950
(This total includes the registration fee)
- Registration fee: AED 900
(deductible from the total course fee, that is non-refundable & non-transferable)
- Repeat fee: AED 350 per day
Students who are repeating this class, please bring your Basic book and manual.
- ThetaHealing® Practitioner Manual
- ThetaHealing® Book by Vianna Stibal
- Practitioner's Certificate from ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge, USA
- A daily seated lunch and 2 coffee breaks
Let's begin our journey together.
Roshni Pillai
Founder - Sahasrara Events
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