Master Class By Style Italiano
Advanced Dent

Du 13/04/2018 21h00 au 15/04/2018 00h00

Fuseau horaire : Baku (GMT+04:00)

Bakou, Baku, Azerbaijan
Easy way of art restorations in anterior and Posterior teeth
Styleitaliano Philosophy
Anatomy of anterior and posterior teeth
Structure and biomechanics of the teeth
The physical and chemical properties of composite materials
C – factor (Cavity configuration factor)
Limits of the direct composite restorations
Indications on direct veneers (when?)
Direct composite “free hands veneers (how?)
Calculate your new smile with golden proportions
How to choose color
How to create a right contact lines in anterior teeth
Fast and predictable way to restore Class III, IV, V defects
What we need to know about rubberdam
Easy isolation techniques
-selection of clamps
-Installation techniques
-Inversion with floss
Adhesion, adhesive protocols
-selection of the best technique and adhesive system
-simple protocols
Matrix systems
Contact Points in posteriors
Shape or color – which is important?
Simple 1 shade restorations for posterior teeth
Layering techniques (new Fast and simple technique by Style Italiano)
Contouring, Finishing and Polishing
Clinical Cases
Photography in dentistry ( Mobile Dental Photography )
The practical part:
Hands on for participants: (class II restoration of molar, class IV restoration in incisor tooth)
Materials for hands on:
Microscope for hands on
sectional contoured metal matrices – Тor or Palodent or Garrison or Triodent
Adhesive - scotchbond universal
tooth models – class II cavity In molar, class IV cavity in incisor tooth
air spray
orange or white wedges
3m Soflex discs (coarse) brown
3m Soflex Spiral Brown and white
Styleitaliano reciope for Anterior - A3D + A3E
Filtek Bulk fill paste A3 (for posterior) and A3Body
Filtek Bulkfill flow A1
Modelling instruments
LM Condensa or pluggers
Tweezers, (forceps)
LM fissure LM Arte
Applicators (orange and white)
C- Silicon