Bodywork & Posture Clinic
Fran Griffith - Rider Biomechanics

Du 16/03/2018 17h00 au 18/03/2018 14h00

Fuseau horaire : London

Brandy House Farm
Brandy House Farm, Felindre
LD7 1YL Knighton, Powys
This non-horse clinic is designed for those who are looking to improve their riding by increasing awareness of their own body and its asymmetries. It is ideal for any rider who would like to be a little fitter as well as the more mature rider.
In addition to being able to check out your alignment and balance on PI, the electronic Posture Indicator horse, you will also be shown exercises, both on the mat and on the Swiss Ball, that will help improve your alignment, core strength and posture as well as reduce posture-related back pain.
The clinic begins at 5:00 pm on the Friday evening with a slide show and talk on Rider Biomechanics. Then it is time to relax in the Eco Hot-Tub. The Hot-Tub really fits in with Brandy House green ethos – no chemicals – no electricity – no underwater lights — no plastic – no bubbles, just warm water heated by the fire and an opportunity to star gaze. It is a totally relaxing and de-stressing experience that you will certainly enjoy! The Tub can accommodate 6 people comfortably.
The next morning will start at 9:00 am with a session that will cover the importance of correct breathing and alignment, both on the mat and the ball.
This will be followed by individual posture assessments, both on and off PI, the posture and balance assessment indicator so you can see how well your ‘boxes’ stack up and whether you have a tendency to weight one side more than the other. If you are perfectly in alignment then PI’s left/right/forward/backward displays will show green. If you are not quite right they will indicate amber and if you are seriously out of alignment they will go red! Then check out your contact, are your reins equal or is one hand stronger than the other.
Once your alignment, posture and contact has been adjusted, the fun really starts.Try taking PI up the centre line and see if you can ride her in a straight line. If you can do it at a walk, you are doing really well – so try it at a trot and see how you do! (~3 hours).
All participants will be able to audit each others session on PI.
The afternoon will begin with some simple preparatory exercises before starting a programme of exercises that will help strengthen your core and improve your symmetry. (~1½ hour).
Then it is time to take to the Swiss Balls. Ball classes are becoming increasingly more popular and are absolutely ideal for riders as even sitting on a ball requires good posture and anything we do on it requires balance. They are also great for our general fitness, strength, core and flexibility. Balls open up a whole new repertoire of exercise options and add an extra challenge to mat work exercises. (~1 hour). All of the exercises can be modified or progressed to suit any level of fitness or age.
After all the hard work there is time for another hot tub session.
On the Sunday morning we will start with our preparatory exercises at 9:00 am before continuing with our full programme of mat exercises (~1½ hour).
After a coffee break we will take to the Swiss Balls for a final work out (~1 hour).
This clinic is for anyone who wants to
Improve body awareness
Improve core strength
Reduce posture-related back pain
Become a more effective rider
Increase confidence in the saddle
Have fun
The price for the weekend is £100 and includes the lecture and slide show, posture analysis, individual half hour PI session, auditing of other PI sessions and all swiss ball and exercise classes as stipulated. The weekend also includes use of the Hot Tub.
Accommodation and meals at Brandy House are not included as you can choose your accommodation to suit your pocket.
Full details of the accommodation and rates can be found on the Brandy House website at
Please note you will need a thick exercise mat and ideally a Swiss (gym).
It is very important that your ball is the right size for you, please refer to the website for more information.