Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 [Penang]
Ticketpro Malaysia

jeu. 22/03/2018 de 20h00 à 23h00

Fuseau horaire : Kuala_Lumpur (GMT+08:00)

Majestic Penang
31 Jalan Phee Choon
10050 George Town
The explosive duo Ketch! and HIRO-PON all the way from Japan are set to blow audiences away with their furious motions of vaudevillian silent comedy.
Dressed to impress in sharp suits, sunglasses and sporting outrageous brightly coloured mohawks these 'masters of mime' build perfect illusions, and then shatter them just as suddenly. Mischievous robots, invisible stairs, energetic games of hide and seek crowd the stage. They take universally understood mime tropes and bend them to their will; redefining them and giving the genre new life and energy.
Gamarjobat's brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning. Their highly-acclaimed performances transcend all language, cultural barriers and age limits. They will have audiences fascinated with thoroughly-plotted acts and explosive energy without saying a word.