SJD 2018: Boomerang Effect: Islamophobia and Mental Health

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SSMU room, University Centre - Lev Bukhman (203)
3480 Mc Tavish
Boomerang Effect: Islamophobia and Mental Health in Academia
SSMU Building, Lev Bukhman room 203
3480 McTavish
(Metro Peel)
This workshop is part of the event series Social Justice Days, presented by QPIRG-McGill. For additional information, visit the main facebook event here:
By reflecting on the work of afropessimists and Black liberationists, this workshop will critically analyze the institution of Islamophobia and how it operates within academic contexts. This workshop will first introduce Islamophobia, address the construction of Islamophobia as an infrastructure and explore how Islamophobia operates on an individual level. This workshop will highlight the racialization and politicization of Islam and Muslims and will analyze the role Islamophobia plays in mental health within Muslim communities.
If you want to learn more about what Islamophobia is, how it affects Muslims, the different forms it takes, how it is commonly justified (such as through claiming censorship), and how you can be an ally and actively combat Islamophobia within your community, we encourage you to attend this workshop!
About the facilitators:
Rawda Baharun​: Born and raised in Alberta, U2 student in Psychology. Former Black Students’ Network at McGill President, Spoken Word Artist and active member of McGill’s Muslim community. Favourite television show is and always has been The Boondocks.
Sarah Abdelshamy​: U2 student doing a Joint Honours in African Studies and World Islamic Middle East Studies. Very interested in issues of Islamophobia, particularly in the context of liberal democracies and the globalization of racism/discrimination, as well as topics relating to post-colonial literature, the diaspora, and gender issues.
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