The SGNP Science Party!
Sanjay Gandhi National Park - SGNP

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Sanjay Gandhi National Park - SGNP
Off. Western Express Highway, Borivali (east),
400066 Mumbai
The SGNP Science Party!
18th February, Sunday

Dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years before they went extinct. We are going excavating Dino fossils!
SGNP teams up with the science communicators at the ‘Sparkles Science’ to bring you unique fun and learn science workshops! We invite all parents to send their kids to the fascinating science party at SGNP on Sunday 18th February 2018. Participating kids will be engaged with hands on, activity based learning and our theme for the day will be ‘Dinosaur Extinctions’. Let your kids get in the shoes of paleontologist and dig out dinosaur bones and fossils from sand and frozen ice. Kids will go fossil digging, make their own Dino-eggs (and take them away!), recreate volcanoes and engage with the brilliant tutors as they explore the various theories of extinctions, ice ages etc. This workshop will be highly engaging and heavily activity based. Rest assured all the activities and materials used here are safe for kids and there will be no use of any flammable or harmful substances. To keep the engagement focused we will cap the participation to a maximum of 20 participants only. A small snack and refreshment will be served during the workshop. Join us in our first ever 'Science Party' and send your kids for some exciting, fun based, paleo-science experience.

Theme: Dinosaur Extinctions

Sunday 18th February 2018
09.00 AM --- Report to Nature Information Center (NIC)
09.30 AM --- Science Party Begins
11.00 AM --- Short Break for Refreshments
01.00 PM --- Conclusion

Venue: The Nature Information Center (NIC), SGNP.

Age group: 06 to 14 years.

Charges: INR 1,000 per kid.
*Charges inclusive of technical expertise fees, equipment, takeaways, refreshments.
*Labcoats and goggles will be provided to the kids for the session duration.

Nature Information Center (NIC)
Phone: 022-2886 8686 (Office)

Things To Get:
Your Child in full Clothes
Notebook and Pen/Pencil
A Water bottle
A Napkin
Some snack your kid likes!

About the Resource Persons:

'Sparkles Science' is an interdisciplinary education platform created to promote free and progressive thinking in children. Their aim is to help children discover their true potential and their creative selves! This is achieved through weaving together various disciplines such as science, maths, arts, culture, and more, through creative, fun-to-do, project-based workshops. These interdisciplinary workshops, weave stories, games, and activities around different concepts revolving around science, math, art etc. in our daily life.
Their core belief is believe in free and progressive education and their classrooms are abuzz with expressions of art, pottery, craft, drama, experiments, activities, and all things fun!

Please Note: Participants shall have to buy entry tickets for self and vehicle (if any)