Synchronicity - Infected Tunnels

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Trg Republike
18000 Niš
At first... You open your eyes.
It’s a blinding light.
But then it turns into color.
There’s a ringing in your ears...
Is that... Sound?
Then there’s a lingering sensation on your existence...
A mothers touch of eternal Love and a Promise.
You will be fine my child.
Like a thousand angels singing her voice felt-you think, you feel.
Suddenly the world sings.
Welcome young soul.
You have been born.
What all of us don’t remember is the before here.
The pointers we all got, the don’t worries you will be fine.
The learn to love.
Learn to let go.
Learn to give in.
All of these things are whispered to us before we got here, the tricky part is we have to remember while we live, we are open pages ready for a new learning cycle.
Through out the lives we live, the egos we create, we go deeper into the maze of tunnels, doors, paths...
Some are beautiful, others as equally opposite, infected.
This decision, that decision.
Is this me?
No... THIS is me I am sure!
Nope, I am not there yet.
I feel lonely.
I am scared
What about death?
What about life?
This is it!
I have found THE ONE, the love of all of my lives.
And then you realize what life is all about.
That the infected tunnels we wander into soul first are just lessons we all need to learn. That no matter the journey, there must always be a light at the end of the tunnel.
There will be bad, negative energies you will experience, but on the flip side there will be amazing beings that change you for the better and will linger on forever.
Sometimes you get so fucking scared you don’t even know if the words you are saying are your words.
Chill out.
Let everything go.
Fall through the tunnels.
Taste them.
Let them slip through your fingers.
Because the art of living is in our ability to hold on and to let go.
Namaste Synchronicity tribe we welcome you to the Infected Tunnels, now it is up to all of us to turn this dark tunnel energy into LOVE energy.
The sounds you will hear are that of BOOMING BASSES, Neuro, Dark and Techstep.
Step into the unknown and transform!
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