Obradovic - Tixier Duo (Cro - Fr Jazz)
Konrad Cafe & Bar

jeu. 17/05/2018 de 21h00 à 0h00

Konrad Cafe & Bar
7 Rue du Nord
2229 Luxembourg
"The "Obradovic - Tixier Duo" is a project made out of the collaboration of the French pianist David Tixier and the Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. A new fresh sound of acoustics mixed with electronics, texts, polyrhythms, intrigues and loops interlocked with sophisticated harmonies and settled within the wily polymeters serve as a source of a transfer for the music led by emotions and elegance."
David Tixier - piano, keyboards, DSP, compositions
Lada Obradovic - drums, voice, toys, glockenspiel, compositions
Reservation advised
A Konrad Cafe & Bar & Itinerantes Jam Session collaboration
Source: www.facebook.com