Mandagsklubben 19. februar 2018

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

lun. 19/02/2018 de 19h00 à 1h00/strike>

Slagtehusgade 5e
1715 Copenhagen
kl 19 Julius Windish Forsythia
Violin - Paulina Storbacka
Violin - Lisa Vogel
Viola - Pauline Hogstrand
Cello - Ida Nørby
Trumpet - Tyge Jessen
Piano/Comp - Julius Windisch
Doublebass - Alexander Dawo
Drums - Simon Albertsen
Julius Windisch mixes influences from romantic music, contemporary classical music, electronic, programmed music with the spirit and the sound of Jazz and Free Improvisation.
He is trying to present that many different kinds of music are not as far apart from each other as it is the social belief they are. In the end it is only about the message one tries to convey with his or her music. It is this message that interests Julius and that he tries to develop - his vision of music that he always wants to come closer to.
kl 20 Carlsen / Friis / Bøje
Morten Carlsen - sax
Peter Friis Nielsen - el bass
Claus Bøje - drums
this is as close as the Danish improvised music scene gets to having a National Treasure on stage.
Carlsen / Friis / Bøje represent over 50 years of involvement with free improvisation. each of them masterplayers. get there early to get a seat for this!
kl 21 Viper feat El Hombre Invisible
Kasper Tranberg - trumpet
Peter Friis Nielsen - el bass
Anders Provis - drums
El Hombre Invisible - keys
Viper is back! Lead by the great drummer Anders Provis, this monster trio has existed for 8 year and played the club several times. Tranberg is a brilliant trumpet player and improviser who is generous enough to visit our club frequently and the same can be said of Peter Friis Nielsen, the electric bass genius. For this concert they are joined by the enigmatic El Hombre Invisible who will set things on fire - no doubt!
kl 22 Il Mare Mi Dice Le Cose
Jan Kadereit - drums
Gianluca Elia - sax
Kamil Piotrowicz - piano
Jędrzej lagodzinski - sax
Federico Corsini - bass
The Sea tell me things.
The symbols are the connections.
Is a musical story able to tell what is the motion of the waves is?
The Sea is speaking, listen.
Kamil Piotrowicz - piano
Stan Callewaert - bass
Jeppe Høi Justesen - drums
LAWAAI is an instrumental trio based in Copenhagen. They improvise acoustic stories, triggered by imaginary visual, architectural and textural input. Extracting and deconstructing sonic impressions from the outside world, industrialization and nature, they reconstruct their own universe that breathes and grows as a living organism. Lawaai fights for a better world and against the division between sound and music.
Benjamin Gower-Poole: Kontrabas, sang
Per Rask: Trommer,
Mathias Binggeli: Altsaxofon
Mads Nørregård: Guitar
Exiting band here at the club, lead by singer/bassist Benjamin Gower-Poole . Guitarist Mads Nørregård has been at the club many times, but the rest are new names.. stay up late and check it out!
In their own words: Katalysator is a hot pot of psychedelic poetry-jazz!
We dive deep into your unconsciousness with abstract word-paintings, and dreamy passages of sound.
Then we entrance you with majestic hymns.
Our distinguished artist in residence in february is none other than the incredible sax, flute, taragot player and composer Morten Carlsen
Its nearly impossible to sum up the carreer of the great Morten Carlsen.
He has simply been a defining voice of Scandinavian creative music for decades.. Throughout his working life he has focused on sound: Concrete sound, synthetic, electronic sound and many different kinds of music. The starting point was the clarinet, saxophone and jazz, free improvisation, folk music from Africa and the East. Later, new music and sound art, both as musician and composer. As improvisor he possesses an extraordinary sharpness and a strong presence which unfolds in an excellent instrument technique. Member of the New Jungle Orchestra 1981 - 2014, he has toured most of the world and collaborated with musicians from China, Vietnam, Bali, Mongolia, Africa and the US. He has been teaching at music academies and institutes for electroacoustics in Denmark and abroad and participated in hundreds of releases. In 2014 he started as lecturer in performance and ethnomusicology at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies of Copenhagen University.
More recently he has been working with Kresten Osgood and Per Aage Brandt in the trio FrEEE. For his residency month he will show several different sides of his work.
we are very very lucky and very exited to be able to present this giant of Scandinavian music. be there every week to hear him!